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Legal billing software FAQs

Legal billing software is essential for lawyers to track of their processes and expenses, and to bill clients. This software makes managing every stage of the legal billing process easier and more efficient: including time and expense tracking, invoicing, bill creation, bill review, trust accounting, collections, and payments.

What are the benefits of legal billing software?​

The main advantage of legal billing software is that it eliminate the time-waste and hassle of the manual technique. Without human interference, the system will facilitate the income and the expenses of any legal firm or individual. 

Time Tracking

Capture every minute

A Simple and Effective Way to Accurately Track Time

Time is money and every unrecorded minute is lost revenue.

For some businesses, more than 30% of billable time is lost due to poor timekeeping. Bill4Time will support a better efficiency of time-use . No more spreadsheets, sticky notes and pads of paper to track time. Simply set on a timer  on your phone, tablet or desktop. Enter time   anytime – in your office or on your mobile device.

Flexible Time Tracking

Record billable and non-billable time, separately track internal non client time, and track staff, contractors and consultants for precision and accuracy.

Easy Time Entry

Whether you’re on the go or at the office, time entry has never been so simple–simultaneously run timers, record multiple time entries in one screen and automatically convert appointments into time entries.

Keep up with the Times

Review and track daily and weekly time summaries so you always know the productivity and financial status of your organization. Increase efficiencies by customizing activity types and work code lists.

Expense Tracking

Capture & Control Expenses

Simple, Accurate Expense Reporting

Stay organized without the clutter of receipts.​
Small expenses add up quickly. When not properly tracked, these costs can easily slip through   the cracks. Bill4Time expense tracking helps you capture these transactions for reimbursement.   Use Bill4Time to upload images of receipts from your desktop or while on the go. With two-way   image syncing, Bill4Time makes it easy to manage and monitor all company expenses from   anywhere on any device.

Mobile Snapshot

Take a picture of your receipt directly from the Bill4Time mobile apps and sync with your account. Available on your iOS or Android devices.

Easy Cost & Markup

Simple and straightforward. Track your expenses internally or charge your client by applying a flat percentage markup or set your sell price.

Customizable Expense Types

Bill4Time is already loaded with UTBMS codes, but you may need a few that are unique to your business. Whatever your expense may be, you can customize and code it.

Billing & Invoicing

Branded invoices in minutes

Simplify Billing, Accelerate Revenue

Overcome one of the biggest barriers to getting paid: invoicing.

Quickly create, print or email professional, branded invoices in minutes. Create pre-bills, detailed invoices and statements. Set payment terms, currency and late fees. Offer flat rate or percentage discounts. Know the status of every invoice with just a click. For added client convenience, seamlessly link your invoices to online payment options and get paid faster.

Flexible & Easy

Virtually unlimited billing rates, mix hourly and flat rates for every user and easily override default rates.

Get Paid Faster

Clients often delay remitting payment if they don't understand the invoice. Provide clients the details needed to pay you quickly and offer online payment options to further accelerate getting paid.

Extend Your Brand

The Bill4Time invoice template is a professional presentation of your business. Plus, it's fully customizable. Quickly create branded invoices with your logo and company details, payment terms, late fees, currency and more.

Increase Workflow Efficiencies

Batch invoices, apply payments to current invoices, create invoice summaries and more quickly and easily.

Task Management

Manage individual tasks and workflows

Consistently execute tasks to keep your practice on track.

 Automate workflows and complete tasks on time.

Streamline your practice by incorporating a collaborative tool to assign, track, schedule, and prioritize your tasks and responsibilities. Bill4Time designed a task management solution to help operate your firm more efficiently.

Project level task lists

Create and assign tasks for specific projects. Include custom descriptions and details. Designate high, medium, or low priorities and delegate to individual firm members. Ensure tasks are completed with due dates.

Convert tasks to time entries

Bill more time by converting completed tasks into time entries.

Quickly find tasks

When you need them use filters to easily find tasks by priority level, assigned employee, client, project, due date status, or completion status.

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