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Our experience is not limited to provide services for odoo which includes "Support, Training, Migration, and Implementation". We share plenty of integrated solutions and services through and in the form of support packages.

Our support services in dynamic and continuous 24/7 across our partnership. 
We provide Support Packages,  which is the most suitable business solution for partners who are interested in a ready custom-made solution and are interested in paying for just a few hours of customization instead of going for the entire project cost.


This solution is made to eliminate or limit the needs for site-visits and time wasting efforts. It is the most practical and authentic application procedure. It can be performed remotely (as opposed to onsite at a client’s physical location) via the internet and Remote server access, via VPN or remote client application.


Most of the queries and requests might not be resolved or maintained by the time of execution through any communication method. Our experts and engineers are dedicated and devoted to provide utter solutions overtime and through the agreed-upon timeline. 

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