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Gazayerli IT Solutions continuous development and evolution aided our vision to provide top-quality IT services since 2007. The company was founded by CEO Aly El Gazayerli, who has been working in the field of IT since the 1980s. Our main areas of focus are managing network infrastructure, developing websites and applications. 

Also provides a wide range of services to companies across all fields and industries. 


Gazayerli IT Solutions engineers are among the most qualified calibers in the market. In addition to our wide experience and proven professional portfolio, we train each of our employees from scratch and ensure that they acquire all the required and appealing trainings and certifications. We believe that learning is a never-ending journey. Accordingly, we encourage our engineers to consistently expand their knowledge.


Our business-ethics module dedicates that all of our services, solutions and implementations should always underlies strict confidential measures. We are always aware to share the information with the right people as our partners' information shall not be shared by any means to any third parties. 


Being accountable is one of the most critical aspects of implementing business solutions. We are always accountable for solution proposal, process facilitation, outcome amending and after-service monitoring & controlling. 


Our transparency model dedicates us as a team and company to keep our partners in the first place, thus all of our work procedures and processes are fully accessible and attainable 24/7 by our partners. To ensure the sleekness of execution, we are always transparent & clear  about what we do. 

At Gazayerli IT Solutions, we always rely on the most skillful candidates in the market. Whist in our hiring process, the ambitious and most talented engineers are the most welcome to join our vision-oriented company. On a regular and periodic timeline, we always provide training and inductions to be taught which also encloses our ethics and business guidelines. Our engineers are categorized not only for their practical experience but also for ethics, for the way that they will potentially interact with clients, and for their dedication to our core values.