Believing in the power of security and safety, GGE supports the ideation and customizing specific security solutions for your business' infrastructure.  We integrate active and consistent threat detection and prevention with your existing systems such as Fortinet Security products, Kaspersky security products, and Microsoft security products.

GGE provides advisory and assessment services to close the gap within your IT security systems.

Our experienced team is trained to detect weak links so that you can better transform your security posture and secure your data and devices with confidence.

Penetration Testing Services

GGE delivers Penetration Testing Services to evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure. Our legal hackers find security vulnerabilities and attempt to access sensitive systems, intellectual property, and key business systems. Subsequently, we make relevant strategic recommendations to strengthen your security posture.

Our team specializes in the following tests:

External Penetration Testing: Simulates an attacker originating from the Internet

Internal Penetration Testing: Simulates an attacker that has established access to the Internet network

Wireless Penetration Testing: Attempts to compromise the environment through wireless technologies

Application Penetration Testing: Performs attacks against web applications or other applications to identify vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Assessment Services

GGE delivers Vulnerability Assessment Services to define, identify, classify and prioritize vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures. We help you understand the threats in your environment and how to react to them appropriately. Our in-depth knowledge of IT security enables us to extend assessment capabilities in the following areas:

Multi-layered security where we ensure identity, on-premise & cloud-based assets, and all-important network edge is no longer a pipe dream but rather a reality.

Information security gap assessment and remediation roadmap development.


Cybersecurity testing and improvement services.

Information security training and awareness.

Platform and Network Security Assessments and Vulnerability Scanning.

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