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The multi-role teaching platform aims for the best-in-class experience for the students, teachers and parents. According to the E-learning platform nature, it shares insights and controls for each user according to its type for the utmost experience and usage. 

Student Management

Teacher Management 

Parent Management

The Student can:

  • Create student account 
  • Create a parent account 
  • Subscribe to course or lesson 
  • Join an online lesson 
  • Attend exams online
  • Pay for course or lesson  

The Teacher can:

  • Create teacher account
  • Create moderator account 
  • Select a public course
  • Select a private course 
  • Add a course schedule 
  • Teach an online lesson
  • Upload exams 
  • Upload documents
  • Updated an introductory video for the course 
  • Add their tax information
  • Edit their profile

Parents can:

  • Create parent account 
  • Create a student account 
  • Subscribe their student to a course
  • Pay per course, lesson, or month
  • Follow up with their student course progression
  • Agree to pay for the course for their students who are under-age 

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